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Global News Feed
LMUISHelpdesk LMU Student Email maintenance beginning at 4:30PM. This could result in an extended outage for student email. See here at Pathway for more
LMUISHelpdesk There was a short outage in BE earlier. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us!
LMUISHelpdesk @LMUISHelpdesk is back from the dead!
LMUISHelpdesk Welcome back LMU students!
LMUISHelpdesk Having trouble logging in to Datatel? Be sure you're logging in with your network credentials (the same as you log into your PC with).
LMUISHelpdesk Good news! Students with Apple computers can now print to certain campus printers! Give us a call for more information.
LMUISHelpdesk Summer print quota has been applied to all LMU students actively enrolled in summer semester classes.
LMUISHelpdesk Have a great summer LMU Students. See you when you get back in the fall.
LMUISHelpdesk Good Luck LMU Students on your finals!
LMUISHelpdesk Remember, the IS @LMUISHelpdesk has weekend on call hours. We're available 8am - 9:30pm Saturday and 12pm - 9:30pm Sunday. Call us @ 7411.
LMUISHelpdesk @_kblaine Hey now.. LMU Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen will get their good luck wishes next week, when they take their finals. :-)
LMUISHelpdesk Good luck on your finals LMU Seniors!
LMUISHelpdesk If you're a student and need additional print quota, you can add that through Pathway.
LMUISHelpdesk The LMU IS Helpdesk will be closed on Friday. Regular on call hours will resume Saturday morning.
LMUISHelpdesk If you are trying to access Datatel, be sure you're on a wired connection. Datatel is not available on campus wireless.
LMUISHelpdesk See a new program called AVAST on your computer? Don't worry - it's a new antivirus program we're installing on everyone's PC.
LMUISHelpdesk Got important data on your PC you need to back up? Use your Mysite on Pathway!
LMUISHelpdesk Pathway experienced a brief outage this morning. If you're still unable to connect, be sure and clear your browser cache.
LMUISHelpdesk Happy Spring Break LMU!
LMUISHelpdesk Getting a "503" error when logging in to Pathway? Clear your browser cache.
LMUISHelpdesk Each LMU employee has 2GB of email storage on our system. If you have more email than that, you must archive it to your local PC.
LMUISHelpdesk Using Datatel? Be sure to log out when you are finished. The database only allows a single login per user.
LMUISHelpdesk Classroom Tech Tip: If you turn a projector off in a classroom, remember that it has to cool down before it can be turned back on.
LMUISHelpdesk Always store your docs on your LMU issued PC in the default location, like your My Documents folder.
LMUISHelpdesk A quick note on password security -
LMUISHelpdesk Holiday On Call Hours for the LMU IS Helpdesk: Monday, 12/23, Thursday 12/26, Friday 12/27 and Monday 12/30 8AM - 2PM
LMUISHelpdesk The IS Helpdesk will offer limited support hours during Christmas break. Hours to be announced tomorrow.
LMUISHelpdesk The launch of the XBOX One caused issues with Microsoft Services last night, including email. Everything is running normally now.
LMUISHelpdesk The fiber cut that caused our Internet outage earlier has been repaired. The cut happened outside our network, causing the outage.
LMUISHelpdesk RT @atla_: I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. #face
LMUISHelpdesk Having trouble accessing Facebook? It's not just you.
LMUISHelpdesk Network services at Grant Lee have been restored.
LMUISHelpdesk Network connectivity in Grant Lee is currently down. Our techs are working on the situation. No ETA for resolution is available.
LMUISHelpdesk @jwequus Sorry.. just saw this, but you're welcome!
LMUISHelpdesk Remember, the LMU IS Department is hosting a Halo 4 tournament tomorrow. Check out @halochella for more information.
LMUISHelpdesk Play Halo 4? The IS department is sponsoring a tournament. Check out
LMUISHelpdesk Don't forget - the IS Helpdesk is open on weekends too! Call us at 423.869.7411 if you need us!
LMUISHelpdesk Please contact the IS Helpdesk if you are still having Email difficulties.
LMUISHelpdesk Please see Pathway for information about student email.
LMUISHelpdesk Student email is currently limited. We have notified Microsoft of the issue and they are working toward a resolution.
LMUISHelpdesk If you have an iDevice, check out IOS 7.
LMUISHelpdesk Hope everyone has a great summer! Check when you return in the fall for what we've been up to while you're away.
LMUISHelpdesk Edvance360 appears to be working normally again. We will continue to monitor the situation.
LMUISHelpdesk The Edvance360 service is having issues again. We have alerted their techs and are awaiting resolution.
LMUISHelpdesk The Edvance360 service is functioning normally again.
LMUISHelpdesk The Edvance360 service is currently down. We have alerted their technical support and have no estimated time of repair.
LMUISHelpdesk Having trouble? Check out the new LMU IS Help Desk Social Client! Enter and track tickets here -
LMUISHelpdesk RT @wired: That cell phone was the size of a brick.
LMUISHelpdesk April Fool's joke of the day - Google Nose -
LMUISHelpdesk Hope everyone had a great Spring Break! Need help now that you're back? Check out
LMUISHelpdesk The IS Helpdesk will be closed Friday and Saturday for the Easter holiday. We will be available Sunday 12:30 - 9:30 at 423.869.7411.
LMUISHelpdesk The IS Department has scheduled several system maintenance items for spring break week. To see a detailed list, log in to Pathway.
LMUISHelpdesk The IS department will be updating the Library 2nd floor PC lab over Spring Break. The lab will be closed Mar 25-26.
LMUISHelpdesk Did you know LMU gives each student 500 pages of free printing per semester? Need more? Visit Pathway and choose "Check Print Quota"
LMUISHelpdesk Remember, IS has Technical Support from 8am - 9:30pm on Sat, 12:30 - 9:30pm on Sun. Call 423.869.7411 if you need us!
LMUISHelpdesk Have you added your cell phone number to our e2Campus alert system? If not, go here -
LMUISHelpdesk Just a reminder to keep your PC up to date - another Java issue has surfaced #LMUISTips
LMUISHelpdesk Welcome to the LMU IS Helpdesk newsfeed.